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Chez Tousignant

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Take-home Tousi

Bring some of Chez Tousignant home with you! Our famous spice mix is now available for purchase at our spot!

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The longer you look at that photo, the more it reveals.
A flashback to remember.
A collection of faces revealing why that name, above the door, will always matter.


It’s fast food, but made to order.
The result of a late-night chat,
and a handful of cooks, who were cheersing together.
Who wanted to put the salt back in the butter.
A bag of cheese curds that goes with supper.
Assembled hot dogs, made proper.
And fine toppings on a beautiful burger.

But! You must order from the counter, and get up again
when it’s ready to gather, except on weekends, and
only for coffee (maybe with sugar).

Prepared like it was meant to be, no fodder.
You can arrive here hither or thither, it really doesn’t matter. Even better.

Tous, chez Tousignant.

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